About Skirt

Nestled on a quiet street in the heart of Downtown Beirut, SKIRT is a meat place offering a distinct selection of Grass Fed, Dry Aged, Long Horn steak cuts exclusive to the restaurant.

The cattle are raised on grass pastures in North Yorkshire, England. They are reared on a completely natural pasture with a pure grass diet. Unlike other herds, our Long Horn grows naturally and slowly for up to 30 months, almost twice as long as many intensively reared breeds. No hormones or antibiotics are present as they are banned in the U.K. The process of dry aging our beef further serves two purposes: to tenderize the meat and to add more depth of flavor.

All our meats are grilled over coal to medium-rare doneness. We also serve a variety of other unique dishes meant to compliment our steak cuts – most notably our Dukkan-Istanbul inspired burgers and sausages, as well as our signature salads and seasonal starters. Our dishes can be paired with a carefully curated selection of wine and spirits, both local and imported.

In recognition of the rest of the world’s other great breeds, we also offer a changing roster of guest cuts such as the Spanish Galician Blond, Argentinian Ribeye, Northern Ireland’s Glenarm Short Horn, and of course the UK’s Hereford, Highland and Short Horn, alongside select Grain Fed Australian and US cuts.

At SKIRT it is our privilege to combine time-honored traditional practices within a modern communal dining setting, where we hope to do justice to these great breeds and share our enthusiasm for meat.

Meat Cuts

All our meat cuts are grilled over coal, to medium-rare doneness. A variety of cuts are available: The porterhouse, t-bone, bone-in-prime rib and bone-in sirloin and a choice of English Longhorn, grass fed,  or dry aged (14-28 days). 

Guest cuts are listed daily on the glass board.